About Tayla

Tayla is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter from the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa.

She is a dedicated student, currently in Grade 12, Tayla is hardworking and full of enthusiasm in everything she does.

Currently on a bursary due to her constant A aggregate and spends her school holidays working with the local Church, in their holiday programme for primary school children.

She loves to interact with the younger generation and aims to be a role model one day, always trying to lead by example. Tayla is a mature young lady who constantly works towards building a better future at all times. She plans to specialize in the medical industry after studying at university once completed with school. Tayla loves to socialize with friends and family and her hobbies include Ice-Skating (previously a figure skater), the beach, attending music shows & singing.

Tayla’s 1st Single


Released 31-Jan-2020
Produced by 222 Artist Agency

Tayla’s 2nd Single


Released 31-Aug-2020
Produced by DJ Cosher / Cosher Studios

Tayla’s 3rd Single

Out of Mind

Released 29-01-2021
Produced by HeProducedIt & DJ Cosher / Cosher Studios

Tayla’s 4th Single

What If

Released 01-12-2021
Produced by Lee Cole